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Western Dance Group

Montego Bay, St. James

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Western Dance Group

Our Actors 

Name:Deon Riley

Working with Western Dance Group for over 18 years, Deon was introduced to the group manager then, Michael Tabb, by a friend. Born in the Eastern parish of Portland, AUNDRE (stage name) began drumming for the group at start to main performances such as Kumina and Bambo Dance as well as co-ordinating with live band music for other shows.

Name: Ronald Binns

Dancing with the group for over 6 years, he was given the stage name King Ronald by a Trinidadian previous to joining the group. Doing individuals acts before the group, King Ronald was introduced to the group manager through a show organizer. Specializing in Limbo performances, Dancing/ Entertainment for him is a full time Job even though he enjoys cooking and watching movies in his spare time.

Name: Ewan Scott

Ewan has been going strong with the group for over 4 years now. Given the name Prince Ewan by Lisa, Ewan started off with Western doing gymnastics and using the stage name of Kunta Kente. Unfortunately there was already a member with the name and so he accepted the change. Born in 1979, he had always enjoyed playing sports from the moment he knew how to run. Working with the group is a full time job he also enjoys doing while specializing in Bamboo Dance.   

Name: Robert Young

Called the WONDER FOX on stage, Robert has been one of the few individuals who formed the foundation of the group. As an older member of Western Dance Group, hailing from the parish of Westmoreland, Robert has committed to entertainment full time showing off his skills in Fire Act, Balancing Act, Contortionist and Unicyle performances. With his 19 years of experience, it is a wonder why he enjoys watching news and playing domino as a hobby.

Name: Cecil Duncan

Born in the fruitful parish of St. Mary, Cecil met up with the group during a show performance at Lollipop on the Beach in Hanover. From then on he has been working with the group for 19 years and going. Given the stage name Reggae Man by a Calypso singer, Lord Messam, Cecil continues to work with the group as a full time job specializing in the thrilling Bamboo Dance and Upside Down Dance as well as Broken Bottle Dance and Fire Act at times. In his spare time Cecil enjoys going to the beach, playing domino and going out with the ladies.

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