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Western Dance Group

Montego Bay, St. James

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Western Dance Group

Limbo is a unique dance also known as the "Under Stick Dance". The limbo dance, originally a ritual performed at 'wakes' in Trinidad from the mid or late 19th century. It is believed, that the people of Trinidad during this dance portrayed going down in the hold of a slave ship which carried them off into slavery. No matter how they twist or turn squirmed or arched they would go deeper and deeper, some would make it, some would not. The dextrous position had to be retained because the space between the upper deck and floor was narrow, designed for packing and not standing, hence it asically they were going into Limbo. Coming from the Trinidadian origin, Limbo is said to be related and resemble the African Funeral dance called legba or legua dance. Consistent with certain African beliefs, the dance reflects the whole cycle of life. The dancers move under a pole that is gradually lowered from chest level, and they emerge on the other side, as their heads clear the pole, as in the triumph of life over death. Today limbo refers to a dancer moves to a rhythm and dances under a stick, held up by a person on each end of the stick or a stand, without knocking or touching the stick. If the dancer is successful he must repeat this again and again with the bar being lowered another "notch" each time. During The groups' performance, there is a period given to visitors or guest to join the group on stage to test their skills in performing the Limbo Dance. "How low can you go?"... 

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